Bible costumes

Hello all!

Today I am going to talk to you about some other costumes I made. I say made but there really wasn’t much making involved. We recently moved church and our old church had many ‘Bible’ costumes. Now these are great if you are doing kids ministry things as they can be reused for pretty much any Bible story. Essentially they are doubled over rectangles with holes to put your head through and a sash to use as a belt. Now my husband Jason is a childrens worker at our new church and he wanted to do a kids talk in church on Nehemiah, where Nehemiah asks the king if he can go back and rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. So he needed some costumes. Our new church had some costumes already but they were small children sized ones, which look pretty silly when an adult puts them on. To remedy this we went to Spotlight and bought a couple of metres of a few different rustic looking fabric (you want your Bible costumes to be vaguely historically accurate).


Step 1


Step 2 (and that is about it really…)

We then cut them in to various sized rectangles and cut circles in the top. I say we but I did most of the cutting, I wouldn’t let Jason use my left handed fabric scissors in his right hand, I am fussy like that. We then cut out strips for belts and there you have it, instant Bible costumes! The king and queen ones were a bit more complicated, they were out of pretty base fabric (shown above) and had shiney sashes and capes. And of course, you can’t forget the plastic crowns from the $2 shop.


I take only the most flattering photos


Oh so regal!

Anyway, this was not quite as exciting as my other creations, but much more immediately rewarding!

Abi 🙂


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